Please stop bleeding

stop. Stop. STOP. STOP! come back, please, all the blood I’ve lost, I need you. I will always need you. I will need you to stay with me. Not forever but for now… NO. I need you forever I need you to be there with me so I can send you to my cuts to […]

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Why do we walk? Why don’t we just sit here waiting for something interesting to happen. Or we could run, we would get there a lot faster. I mean obviously it’s becuase if we just sat and waited then we would never go anywhere and if we ran all the time we would be too […]



I think I’ve always been looking, looking for something to fill my page, something to show me how to be me, something to lean on for advice. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered that that thing was Paris. And somehow I found the most beautiful parts of Paris while also finding the beautiful parts […]

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I didn’t know what to write

I’m spending my time fantasizing about the perfect thing to say, but when I got to my blog the words weren’t there. I have created a dependency on writing over the last 4 months and I needed to write something today, but I didn’t know what to write. I’m feeling sorta numb today. And I’m […]

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Why am I so easy to miss?

I walk in I sit down I talk I joke I participate I participate I participate. I’ve always participated I’ve always been involved. But not a single person knows who I am. No one knows the silent screams I let go whenever I’m around people. No one sees the pain and fear I feel just […]

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I’m scared

I’m scared of spiders • • • • • • • • • I’m scared of failure. I’m scared of being just like everyone else. I’m scared of losing my family. I’m scared of myself. I’m scared of telling you who I am. I’m scared of my fear. That I won’t be able to see […]

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Am I different?

Sometimes I feel like a large idiosyncrasy contrasted and unique, and others I feel like a straw in a straw house waiting to be blown away by the big bad wolf along with the rest of my brothers and sisters who are no different than me

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A blue ticket

I found a blue ticket. I found a little piece of paper that resembled navy that told me much. This little sky colored square had a word on it. The word was “found”. I didn’t know really what it meant, but I think I can guess. You see this ticket wasn’t alone, it sat in […]

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Words that never mattered

My head is full. The mouth is empty. Thoughts flow through me from mind to lips. I feel the thoughts form into words, take shape, and leave. Yet I feel like I’ve never said anything. Why do the words I speak not satisfy my need to communicate? Why when I yell do I feel like […]

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